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Galaxy Fiber Net is the first Nationwide Internet Service Provider in Pbna, Bangladesh that provides High Speed Fiber Broadband internet. It was launched in 2018 by a small, yet dedicated team who wanted to provide an ISP that would fully meet the demands and requests of their clients within the Bangladesh. Our vision has always been, and will remain so, to provide a full range of services at affordable and fair price points, where our customers are allowed to maintain their own individual identity. We clearly have no wish to be the largest, but would like to be regarded as one of the best nice people to do business with.

Services We Provide

High Speed Internet

We Provided Reliable, Safe and Fast High Speed Internet Service. We changes your lifestyle and letting your focus on the growth business by providing super fast broadband internet service.

Dedicated Site Speed

We provide to our customers dedicated YouTube and Facebook bandwidth. For which our customers can use buffer free connection.

Dedicated FTP Web Server

This is high speed File Transfer Protocol web server. We are always update our server. You can access all Files using a web browser & feel free to request your files.

Our Package


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Basic 214MB 

600 TK


Internet: 7 Mb

YouTube: 25 Mb

Facebook: 20 Mb

BDIX: 20 Mb

FTP: 50 Mb

Gaming Server: 10Mb

IP TV: Buffer Free

Standard 217 MB

800 TK


Internet:10 Mb

YouTube: 40 Mb

Facebook:30 Mb

BDIX: 30 Mb

FTP: 70 Mb

Gaming Server: 15 Mb

IP TV: Buffer Free

Advanced 218 MB

1000 TK


Internet: 15Mb

YouTube: 50 Mb

Facebook: 40 Mb

BDIX: 40 Mb

FTP: 100 Mb

Gaming Server: 20 Mb

IP TV: Buffer Free

Advanced 218 MB



Internet: 20Mb

YouTube: 60 Mb

Facebook: 50 Mb

BDIX: 50 Mb

FTP: 100 Mb

Gaming Server:35 Mb

IP TV: Buffer Free

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Galaxy Fiber Net

Secured internet connection with a fully dedicated network, you can watch anything without buffering.

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